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    Welcome to iRepair Chicago. You are now looking at the most highly rated and trustworthy iPhone repair shop in all of Chicago.

    Here at iRepair Chicago, you can be sure to have any of your iPhone related problems to be solved. We offer quick and efficient service by starting off with a diagnosis to figure out the exact issue and then working on your iPhone to make it as good as new.

    We Are The Most Trusted iPhone Repair In Chicago


    Our iPhone repair experts are extremely skilled at what they do and guarantee flawless service for our customers. At iRepair Chicago we value integrity. Our team works with utmost care and values the faith you put in us by trusting us with your device.

    How it Works

    1. Schedule An Appointment

    Get an appointment with us by giving us a call, sending a text or dropping a line. Our diagnosis services are of no trouble to avail and we charge our clients absolutely no charges for them.

    2. Drop Off Your Device

    Once you’ve got your appointment, you’ll get even closer towards getting your job done. Here you’ll have to take the easy step of dropping your device off to us after which we’ll handle the rest of the work.

    3. Pick Up Your Phone

    In the short duration of around just 30 minutes, you’ll have an iPhone that’s as good as new. You’ll get to leave our office feeling satisfied and relieved.

    We Repair All iPhones

    iphone repair in chicago

    iRepair Chicago specializes in repairing all types of iPhones. Our team of iPhone repair experts are familiar with all the versions and are knowledgeable when it comes to any and every issue in all the different iPhones. Apple releases new and updated versions of the iPhone every year. Our team stays updated in order to satisfy its customers no matter how new or old your iPhone is. We offer our services for all the latest iPhones in the market such as iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone 11 Pro and even the brand new iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

    Why our iPhone Repair service is the best in Chicago

    iRepair Chicago can repair for you what other iPhone repair in Chicago have failed to. We maintain an efficient and responsive attitude towards all our clients to ensure the best quality of service. We do not charge you excessively for any of our services. Be it common services such as iPhone screen repair and iPhone battery replacement or iPhone charging port repair and iPhone screen replacement, we make sure that each of our clients can have all their issues solved from us exclusively as we want to be your one-stop solution. Our experts are top notch in terms of customer service. All our clients are treated in a friendly and approachable manner.

    Services We Provide

    iPhone screen repair is one of our most frequently provided services. Our clients seek our service for this particular issue as screen malfunction or damage is a common issue when it comes to iPhones. However, this becomes a matter of minimal concern once you find a source that can fix your screen in a short amount of time. Our professionals will diagnose and repair your iPhone screen and hand it over to you in a condition which is the closest to perfection. We strive to be your go-to destination for iPhone screen repair in Chicago.

    Lots of people end up dropping there phones every now and then or misplacing their iPhone in places where they have the possibility to get damaged. A cracked screen on an iPhone is almost a normal sight for someone who knows the struggle. With that being said, there is no reason for you to settle with a screen that is anything but perfect. iRepair Chicago provides you with a trustworthy iPhone screen replacement, making sure you only get the best replacement that is the closest to the original screen you had when you initially purchased your phone.

    Battery performance in an iPhone can hinder you from making the best use of your iPhone. It becomes a major issue if your phone runs out of juice at random times, especially when you need it the most. We will help you prevent that from happening. Choosing us to replace your battery for you will save you the cost of having to by a new phone altogether. A simple replacement from a trusted service provider like ours can easily overcome your issue of a lagging phone that dies at inconvenient timings

    A damaged charging port can make your iPhone useless. If the charging port isn’t working properly, it has the potential to damage other aspects of the iPhone. Moreover, unless you can fully charge it whenever needed, you will not be able to use the phone as required. If you are someone who faces anything similar to this, bring your iPhone to our shop to avail the service of our iPhone repair experts at iRepair Chicago. Getting the charging port fixed on time prevents any further damages that you could encounter because of it.

    Most Common iPhone Issues

    Some of the most common iPhone issues that you may face and may come to us for help can be screen related issues such as a cracked screen or a non-responsive touch screen. Another major issue can be the loss of your data from the iPhone. You may have trouble retrieving it on your own, which is exactly why we’re here. Connectivity issues such as Bluetooth issues are one of the minor issues as they can be solved quite easily. Another common mishap that may occur is causing damage to your iPhone due to contact with water. It’s all worth getting checked through us as any iPhone issue you may have is most likely possible to be solved if you choose iRepair Chicago for help.

    iPhone Repair Cost in Chicago

    We do not charge you excessively for any of our services. Standard American prices for iPhone repairs are maintained. For instance, iPhone screen replacements can cost you anywhere between $129 to $329 depending on the model of iPhone you are using. iPhone screen repairs could cost you around $29. A more specific charge for each service can be informed to you once you come to us in person for the repair.

    Other Services:

    iPad Repair

    Here at iRepair Chicago, we provide you with repair services of devices other than iPhones too. We solve any issues that you may face with your iPad. Problems such as screen issues, connectivity issues, water damages and anything else is solvable through us. We charge you standard prices for these repairs as well, just like iPhone repair charges. We prioritize iPad repairs just as much as iPhone repair. So do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment if you face any such issues with your iPad.

    iWatch Repair

    We repair iWatches too! Some of the common issues that you may face are connectivity issues. You may face the issue that it doesn’t turn on when your wrist is raised. Moreover, you may face issues where it is unable to connect to your iPhone or to LTE network. Any such issues and more are absolutely solvable by iRepair Chicago.