Let Us Introduce Ourselves

We are an iPhone repair shop operating in Chicago to provide the best rated service to its residents and anyone else looking for quality repairs. We started off as a company intending to give our customers a smooth and hassle free experience in solving any iPhone related issues they may have. Additionally, we wish to stand out as an iPhone repair shop that provides services that are reasonably priced and high in quality at the same time.

Who Are We

We as a company care about community. Since our inception, we have prioritised our customers like they are a part of it. iRepair Chicago is equipped with technical experts who are from Chicago and its surrounding areas. Hence when it comes to providing service, they show true dedication and care with what they do.

What We Do

Our company focuses mainly on Apple product repairs. In this way, we are making sure to provide you with the best repair services of what we specialize in. It can be tough to figure out which shop will give you the best service for your iPhone among all the other services they offer. So we make the process much easier for you by targeting Apple product repairs exclusively.

Why We Do It

We care about giving back to the community that we have grown up in. Making sure that our customers leave us feeling satisfied is something that brings us pleasure simultaneously. Therefore, in the end of the day we aren’t just doing what we’re best at but also having a cause behind what we do.

Our Business Ethics

Highest Standard In Quality

The quality of our repairs can be judged by the quality of the glass and parts we use to make our repairs. Unlike other companies, we do not cut down on costs by compromising the quality of the parts. iRepair Chicago ensures that the best quality of replacement parts and repairs are provided to its customers. We maintain the highest standards through the authenticity and quality of our work.

Customer Satisfaction

We try to be the one-stop repair shop that our customers need to visit to get any and every kind of repair job done on their Apple devices. From common iPhone related mishaps to trickier ones – we’re here for it all. This is what makes choosing us a wise decision as you are ensuring top tier service with no hassle. Your satisfaction is valuable to us, so we will hear you and take into consideration how you feel about the service you receive from us. So no matter what, we will try our best to match your standards!

Environmental Sustainability

The city is a major part of our community. iRepair Chicago takes being environmentally friendly very seriously. All our services are performed in an efficient manner to produce the least amount of waste possible. We try to recycle wherever possible. To remain environmentally conscious, we work with different organizations in the community to keep up our standards of resourcefulness.