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Should You Repair iPhone Screen Or Replace It?

iPhones have become massively popular in recent times. Everyone considers it as their first choice when they are thinking of purchasing a new phone. There are many reasons why that is so, hence the increase in its usage is justified. This also means that there has also been an increase in the need for iPhone screen repairs as well. iPhone screens can often have specific issues which require you to seek for help from a repair store. But it may be confusing to understand whether you should repair the screen or replace it altogether. Read on to find out which service would be appropriate for you.

Why Should You Repair iPhone Screen?

There is no denying that Apple has come out with stunning displays for all its recent models. However, there are still some issues that you may face while using them. Many issues have been reported by users when it comes to these screens. Once the issue is identified, you would need to come to a decision of whether a screen repair would be enough to fix the problem.

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The first of the few issues that can be solved through screen repairs is a non-responsive screen. It is, to this date, the most common issue that all iPhone users end up facing. Part of the experience of an iPhone is the super smooth and responsive screen. Once it starts glitching, it takes away the premium experience that you are paying for. It becomes a bigger problem when  this leads to  you not being able to access information on your phone when you need to in an instant fashion. This is an issue that could potentially be solved through a screen repair. So, if you are someone who is facing such issues, you should get in touch with your nearest repair shop.

Why Should You Replace iPhone Screen?

Besides screen glitches such as non-responsive touch issues, a more major problem can be a broken screen. iPhones screens are quite sensitive to impact. Anyone can end up dropping their phones accidentally on hard surfaces. It is most likely that the drop would cause at least a very prominent crack across the screen. In more severe cases, the screen breaks to the point where it is beyond the capability of a screen repair to be able to fix it. In that case, you should go for a screen replacement. It is better to replace the screen in these cases to avoid any chances of further problems due to the cracks in future.

Screen cracks can be dangerous as they allow access for moisture to seep into the phone through the cracks. Moreover, iPhones can often be a symbol of status due to how expensive they are. Carrying around an iPhone that has a viscous crack across the screen could defeat the purpose of owning an iPhone for a lot of people. So it is best to get a screen replacement in such situations.


Depending on what your personal preferences are, your needs may vary when it comes to repairs or replacements. iRepair Chicago is a highly recommended iPhone repair shop that provides services such as screen repair and charging port repair. We hope that we could help you figure out the best option that could work for your iPhone.

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