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The Numbers of iPhone Users Are Increasing in Chicago

Recently, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of people using iPhones for communication. iPhones are quite popular as a mobile phone device all over the world. Chicago is being seen as one of the cities where the popularity is in the highest proportions. iPhones are highly advanced smartphones that make use of the remarkable iOS technology. They are quite well known everywhere. But what could be the reason behind the undeniable increase of its usage in Chicago? Read on to find out the probable factors that are most likely to be responsible for this.

Why are so many people using iPhones in Chicago?

Phone users are being seen making the decision to switch from Android phones to iPhones quite a lot. Even brand new phone users are choosing iPhones as their first ever smartphones. These observations led us to wonder why it is so. Based on our studies and research, we have highlighted the reasons which have made the most impact in increasing the iPhone user population in Chicago.

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Apps play a huge role when it comes to deciding the phone we end up going for. It can sway anyone’s love from Androids to iPhones and vice versa, depending on the better option. iPhones support every single app there is out there. If you like a certain app, there’s almost a guarantee that you will be able to run it effortlessly from a phone. There are some apps that are not supported by all phones such as the popular gaming app Simulacra. Even though you would be able to run the game on an Android, you wouldn’t be able to gain the full experience on it.

Siri is a mobile companion who you wouldn’t be able to enjoy if you aren’t using an iPhone. Siri is a phone assistant software that is exclusive to iPhones. Even though Androids have Google Assistant, it does not match up to the services of Siri. Siri has much more quirky responses which make you feel even more connected to it. Despite having similar features such as the Google Assistant the details make it a unique phone.

Apple devices work well when you pair them with other devices. Apple has other devices besides the iPhone such as the iPad, iMac or MacBook. They are extremely popular among users by themselves. Pairing your phone with then if it’s an Android is always a task that could go wrong at some point. However, when you have an iPhone, it’s easy to do so.

Lastly, iPhones have become a symbol of status. It is no news that iPhones are not cheap. In today’s age, there are countless options when it comes to phones in the market. Most other options offer phones that are much cheaper. But even then, we see everyone rushing to the market to get the latest iPhone everytime Apple releases new ones.


These are the main reasons why the number of iPhone users have risen to the point where it is today. Shops such as iRepair Chicago have also been gaining more and more popularity in Chicago for services such as screen repair and battery replacement due to the increase in the number of users.

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